Guest Refund Policy

All Portside Lodge Guests who book a reservation through our site are eligible for our Guest Refund Policy, regardless of their country of residence or travel destination.

Portside Lodge lists only accommodations that meet at least the minimum quality standards for cleanliness, access, and safety, and are consistent with the Host descriptions provided on the site. If an accommodation fails to meet these standards, Guests may be eligible to receive a refund through our Guest Refund Policy.

At our discretion, Portside Lodge will either furnish a refund, or locate and reserve a comparable accommodation within reasonable efforts for any nights remaining in the reservation period. The amount of the refund issued can depend upon the nature of the travel incident suffered by the Guest.

There are three general categories for valid travel incidents:

The accommodation does not meet safety or cleanliness standards

The website listing that describes the accommodation differs substantially from the actual state of the accommodations (for example, the size, location, or amenities)

The reservation is cancelled by the Host within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation start, and/or the Guest is not provided with reasonable access to the accommodation

In order to submit a valid refund claim, a Guest must:

Notify Portside Lodge of the travel incident within 24 hours following the start of the reservation period, with photographs or other evidence when possible

Respond in a timely manner to requests for cooperation or information from Portside Lodge

Not have caused the issue themselves, either directly or indirectly

Employ reasonable efforts to remedy the travel incident with the Host, prior to filing a refund claim

Please review our full Terms & Conditions for both our Guest Refund Policy and our Host reimbursement. Here, you’ll find details regarding minimum quality standards and the qualifications for travel incidents. If you have further questions about our refund policy, please contact us.

The Portside Lodge Guest Refund Policy provides support for travel incidents you may experience. Keep in mind that this policy is not insurance, and cannot serve as a substitute for traveller′s insurance. Be sure to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy, which may not cover unsatisfactory travel accommodations.