Marsaskala provides a number of rich locations to visit and enjoy, including the tranquil beach of St Thomas’ Bay which is enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. The seafront is a lovely place for a stroll, while visitors may also wish to visit a number of historical sites such as St Thomas’ Tower, rural chapels, as well as natural attractions like the rocky shores near Żonqor Point. Other towers include the privately built Mamo Tower, the privately owned Tal-Buttar Tower, and the famous De Redin Tower at Żonqor point. Żonqor Battery also lies in the area while Briconet Redoubt, wonderfully preserved, is located near Marsaskala’s Parish Church and used as a police station. Marsaskala’s promenade also boasts views of low shelving rocks, colourful fishing boats and saltpans which are still used today. In addition, the waterfront has a vast range of restaurants available where people can enjoy a mouthwatering Maltese meal.